One step improving the capabilities of geo-dependent questions. Eight Obninsk – Recognition of the author’s text became available in Yandex search. Improve issuance of requests in foreign languages. Krasnodar – New technology Spectrum for deciphering the issuance of two queries. It was forme according to the click history or behavioral factors of each user. Reykjavik – The search was carrie out according to the individual preferences of the user. Dealing with typos in the request text. eleven Kaliningrad – Pop-up search tips. Individualization of issuance for each specific user base on his requests Dublin – Issuance base on a long analysis of user requests.

Conducting advertising campaigns

Adaptation of the search engine for the user at the time of the formation of the request. Nachalovo – Algorithm without taking into account links for commercial search engine queries. fourteen Odessa – Additional islands of requests photo editor appeare in the issue, when using which it was not necessary to open a new link. fifteen Amsterdam – The result of the issuance is supplemente with a section with additional data about the request. Minusinsk – Decrease in the location of web pages with SEO mailing content. Only removing low-quality links could return the site’s position in the search results Detection of pages with the best results of behavioral reactions.

As efficiently and profitably

The top category include young resources with a low position factor in the search. eighteen . . Vladivostok – Search has adapte to the possibilities of requests from mobile devices. nineteen . . Palekh – Work on the semantic interpretation of the request, and not just from keywords. twenty Baden – Baden – Filtering sites of poor quality of the resource, the fact of overloading of key entries. Korolev – Algorithm with the detection of the user’s semantic query with the results on BR Lists┬áthe page. Andromea – Search provide quick answers. Information about the popularity of the site and the involvement of users in it. Vega – Yandex Data Warehouse has double. Distribution of queries by meaning.