Now it’s time to debug. If you want a well-done implementation, you can’t skip this step. How to debug in GTM and GA ? It’s time to test the implementatio. We move on to debugging. If you don’t quite know how to debug, be sure to check out this article. Dimensions and custom data in GA NOTE If you configure custom events and want to send custom parameters with them – remember to register them in the GA service! Without it – parameter data will be inactive for analysis and reporting. If you don’t know how to add dimensions and custom metrics to GA. This article will tell you.

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Way to go You’ve just gone through the tious process. Of creating and debugging custom events, and the process of logging the data and dimensions collect by event parameters. The hardships of whatsapp mobile number list implementation will be reward by reports. After some  time, you will definitely decide that it was worth spending time configuring custom events. Because you will see how useful it will be for creating useful reports. And how to create useful reports and how to use the in GA I will show you in the net, fifth part of the guide. What is worth remembering after InCommerce in Katowice and why is it eco-pea coal.

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Julia Stepaniuk November , You will read in ~ min. Incommerce-no, million tons of eco-pea coal – this is how much the e-commerce market in Poland is currently worth. Where did such data come from? They were present by Dawid Dąbrowski, E-commerce Manager at onelectro who, together with four other experts, shar his knowlge during the last InCommerce in Katowice. million tonnes of eco-pea coal is exactly PLN billion. Compar to , the value of the e-commerce market this year will increase by as much as billion. However, unlike in the years – , this increase is not due to the change of BR Lists the sales channel to the online channel.