To Bangkit 2021, he was going through some rough times in his personal life. Bangkit seems to have its own meaning to Dicky, it’s a sign of him rising up and becoming stronger. He felt he also needed to share what he knew best—cloud computing. He is inspired by the fact that he and all 386 other volunteers can help young people get on a better path in life by acquiring life skills. “I feel privileged to have the opportunity to teach students from all over Indonesia. Although sometimes I ask ‘Am I doing a good job? “Some students have responded to me saying that I can teach the study material well. Other students have also come forward to say that they were .

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Future goal is to become an IT educator.” Reading the heart-warming feedback from the students, Dickey shed tears of happiness. Students told him that Dickey was able to teach in simple language and simplify complex technical terms. It does make it easier for students to understand the study material. Dickey also tries to set himself apart by creating an engaging atmosphere in the classroom. In order to attract students’ attention, he tried to appear friendly and attractive. Dickey felt ws database extremely happy when he learned that his students had graduated and been hired by the company. He couldn’t believe he was part of a program that helped people develop themselves, achieve and grow into better versions of themselves. To enrich his knowledge, Dickey participated in various government scholarship programs. Some courses in the program are.

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bootcamps. His persistence and passion for learning Google Cloud led him to successfully obtain the Google ACE certification for free after joining the Cloud Computing Online Academy through the Kominfo x Google Digital Talent Scholarship. The limitations didn’t stop him BR Lists from achieving more. As a result of earning this certification, his resume became better and more compelling to potential employers. school and college, hard skills can be learned by attending courses or training. The training is also easy for you to follow since a lot of it is online these days. Therefore, you can attend training anytime and anywhere.