Push notifications the case of a limit liability company or a joint-stock company. More than half of the subscribe share capital has been lost as a result of losses incur. This situation occurs when duction from reserves. All other items consider as part of the company’s own funds of accumulate losses results. In a negative accumulate amount that exces half of the subscribe share capital. Condition is the most frequently met condition by entrepreneurs. Companies that have lost more than half of their so-call subscribe. Capital as a result of losses incur, most often of all. They are consider to be in difficulty and cannot benefit from EU support.

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From the rating according to Criterion a and b exclude entities such as: SME that has exist for less than years – unless it meets the bankruptcy criteria – GBER in the field of risk financing aid – SMEs within years from the date of the first commercial sale Photo Retouching that qualifies for risk financing investment following due diligence procures by a select financial intermiary – unless it meets the bankruptcy requirement – GBER and RFG b) in the case of a general partnership or limit partnership in which at least some of the partners have unlimit liability for the company’s debts, when more than half of the company’s capital according to the accounting documents was lost as a result of losses incur.

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When the entrepreneur is the subject of collective bankruptcy proceeings bankruptcy has been declare or meets the criteria for being includ in collective bankruptcy proceeings at the request of creitors (in accordance with national law. Where the company BR Lists has receive rescue aid and has not yet repaid the loan or terminate the guarantee agreement, or has receive restructuring aid and is still subject to a restructuring plan in the case of an enterprise that is not an SME, if in the last two years the accounting ratio of foreign capital to equity capital of this enterprise exces  and the interest coverage to ratio of this company.