Anything that makes losing that hour of sleep less of a burden is worth considering. The easiest way to spark some curiosity in a subject line is to ask a question. Even when we know the answer to a question, our brains want to confirm were right. And the only way to find out is to open the email. Just make sure its a question that begs to be answer. A bague subject line that reads, ready for spring. Isnt as curious and compelling as one like could this ruin your spring. Relevance relevance speaks to something that matters to people right now. You can use relevance with your spring email subject lines by tapping into things subscribers care about this time of year.

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For instance, many people want to declutter in the spring. If you have a product or service that can speak to decluttering, then use it. And it can be totally unrelat. For example: take a break from decluttering ice cream b2b leads treats visit the spa this spring and declutter your mind cultural references cultural references can refer to people, events, music, or movies that most people especially in your email target audience will understand. Just be careful not to reference something people might not know. We referenc the devil wears prada earlier, but theres a good chance not everyone reading this knows the reference.

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It works in a blog post, but it would be risky in an email subject line. But nearly everyone will be familiar with the beatles song here comes the sun or who will stop the rain by ccr. You can also work in references to current events, especially if it will resonate with your target audience. Maybe there was a controversy at an awards BR Lists ceremony, like the year they announc the wrong winner at the oscars, or when steve harvey pick the wrong miss america. These are great opportunities to get attention in email subject lines. Personalization this can mean using a subscribers name, but it can also mean referencing something else you know about them.