Trust towards your brand increase sales and strengthen the relationship with customers. And MDirector with its Marketing Automation tool will be your best ally to make these goals a reality. customers are at this point driven primarily by fear, counting down their remaining days as the sky is falling. Fear is an important emotion designed to protect us, but when it is a primary driver we risk self-destruction. The big winners in these moves by Google are: Google, since they grant themselves more editorial leeway. If everyone is a scofflaw then they can hit just about anyone they want. And the organic search results are going to be far easier to police if many market participants are held back by a fear tax. Larger businesses which are harder to justify hitting & which can buy out smaller businesses at lower multiples.

Based on the perception of fear

Sites which were outranked by people using the obvious paid links. Which now rank a bit better after some of those paid link buyers were removed from the search results. SEOs who out others & market themselves by using. Polarizing commentary (at least in the short run, whereas in the long run that may backfire). Those engaging in negative SEO, which sell services to smoke competitors. The big losers from these Google moves are: some of the paid link networks & those who used them for years under-priced SEO service providers Cambodia Phone Number List who were only able to make the model work by scaling up on risk smaller businesses who are not particularly spammy, but are so paralyzed by fear that they won’t put in enough effort & investment to compete in the marketplace.

One of the reasons I haven’t advocated

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Using the paid link networks is I was afraid of putting the associated keywords into. A hopper of automated competition that I would then have to compete against year after year. Even if you usually win, over the course of years you can still lose. A lot of money by promoting the creation of disposable, automated & scalable competing sites. If you don’t mind projects getting hit & BRLists starting over the ROI on such efforts might work out, but after so many years in the industry the idea of starting over again and again as sites get hit is less appealing. It is not just that the links are not trusted, but now they stand a far greater chance of causing penalties: Dear site owner or webmaster of …. We’ve detected that some of your site’s pages may be using techniques.