Galicia, Cupra and Cruz Roja stand out, among others . Likewise, its analytics product Binnacle Data is being successfully marketed. Across brands and partner programs; a Saas to store, cross-reference and process data that makes it unique and allows savings of 80% of the time spent by marketing and business teams reviewing multiple sources of information. Redegal has continued its international expansion this year .

Financing avenues and has reinforced its management

Its office in Mexico, from where it serves top industry data other countries in Latam and the United States, and where the company has an important brand presence and positioning and adds highly relevant clients in the country such as Men’s Fashion or Roberts to its business. Strategically, the company has been working on alternative financing avenues and has reinforced its management with the incorporation of new financial and HR profiles, and has also reorganized.

Operational profile in line with what the market

Its structure with a new organizational BR Lists chart in both its offices in Spain and Mexico. which gives the company a much more operational profile in line with what the market has been demanding. «We are in a very sweet moment as a company, there are many new clients who are entrusting us with their projects and, after almost 20 years in the market, we remain firm in the purpose that has brought us here, which is none other than the to accompany our clients towards success in their digital business.