A common mistake is the meaningless filling of articles with key questions and expectations of a miracle, they say, such articles will grow by themselves and become useful for the search engine and users. A big misconception. A correct SEO article for a blog, in addition to the content of the key questions of users and their correct use in the text, must meet other requirements for SEO texts. Whether the website owner, optimizer or business marketer, this material will be useful to create a content writing task and control the final result of articles.

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Basic principles of writing SEO texts for a website The first step in writing blog articles Determine the end user who will interact with the article. For example, for an online store that sells shoes, the actual blog will write thematic articles on the topic France Email List of shoes. It is important to cover the maximum range of problems and questions. Such questions can be identifie in several ways: Collect a semantic core for each article and then add it to the text. Ask people who interact with customers the most pressing questions. Analyze thematic blogs of competitors and identify articles of interest to your website. In these ways, when writing SEO texts, identify the main pressing questions of users and understand what should be an article.

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Each blog article should reveal the users’ “pain” with a subsequent decision. For example: Due to the prevention of hot water work, in many cities or BR Lists even months. It would be a mistake to write an article about the quality of boilers and their benefits. a blog article relate to the problem and offer alternative sources of hot water. In this way, you can attract not only a user who may be intereste in the product, but also solve his acute “headache.