While it’s a great channel and it can be very, very useful, if you don’t know how to measure the ROI of that channel, it can be very confusing. of 49 back in 2016. Now, video has risen. There are more video marketing tools, video marketing, analytics tools, but some other tools that had a hard time are social meia, content marketing. A lot of these are meiums that you really have to gauge people’s engagement interests, their “likes.” But that’s something that’s hard to really measure in terms of business dollars.

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Harvard Business Review did an article a couple of years ago about the value of a Facebook like. Is it really valuable for a business or not? And really what it came down to is it really didn’t translate into sales. Is Investment Delivering Results? So, businesses Cameroon Email List and marketers nee to make sure that the channels they’re investing in are actually delivering results. Looking at a little bit more current data, this was done by Search Engine Journal., and what channels are developing are getting the highest ROI for them, without a doubt, organic search came through. A lot of their readership is COs or people in the search community. Paid was very high.

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Social meia was still at like 20%. And email was actually a little bit less, which I found to be really interesting because over and over again, email has performe very well for us. How Do We Choose Channels? What does all of this have to say BR Lists when we’re choosing the channels? We can’t just rely on industry numbers. We can’t rely on people’s assumptions, or what they’ve done, or what they’ve gotten out of it. As we see, marketing has move into relevant marketing.