It can be said that a picture is worth a thousand words. While this may sound a little high, it is also completely true. 317 56 A relevant icon, a great photo, a multi-layere product image can all convince us to take a chance. This text is about how to influence CTR with images – in other words, you can increase the CTR of different elements by choosing the right graphics to accompany them. Therefore, take in these 9 tips that will help you set up the images on your website properly so that they are useful for your visitors. How to influence CTR with images.

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Destination In my article on how to optimize your landing page, I mentione that the layout of different elements has meaning. This is not the case with images.Melissa Griffin poste a photo of herself on her website. Notice that her gaze is to the Pakistan Email List right. This happens for a reason. Your eye should follow her path and “land” on the right side, where there is a large button to use her material library. This is the goal of her site, so this treatment makes it more likely that you will achieve it.

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As you can see,the placement of a photo (and its type) can make a huge difference. So add them wisely. 2. Pay attention to the choice of colors , despite the fact that several years have passe) it is clear that some colors do not appear out of nowhere BR Lists on the Internet. Remember colors for your website, but also when inserting images on it. Here you can see how all the images were selecte. The one on the left is almost half fille with sky blue, which is the basic color of the Pepsi brand. on the other hand, has many shades of blue.