Add a blog If search engine bots are. More favorable to rich websites with high value content, how can we modernize as a business website? After all, no one is going to force text into “Contact Us” or there is no point in expanding the offer pages with extra text that no one will read anyway. You have to act in a different way, namely: enter a blog. A guide for one of your Products? Brag about an interesting example from practice? A comprehensive A to Z article that explains some extremely important issues in your industry? You can find tons of topics for blog posts.

The term whitespace refers to blank

The more valuable text your domain has, the better it looks to users and search engines. By blogging, you won’t notice any difference at first, but after a few months of success, it will start to pay off. For more information, see this text: Is blogging a business necessity these days? 3. Move to responsive It makes sense to update your website so that it looks as Israel Email List good as possible on mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are an integral part of our lives – we use them every day, even when we surf the web. Responsiveness has been, but despite this, you can still find websites that you nee to “compress” on mobile phones to see anything on them. If applicable to your website, believe me – it’s time to change something. 4. Make visual questions more inviting As the saying goes, “you eat with your eyes”. The same saying can be applie to websites.

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The presentation of content

If a website is not visually appealing to us, it is of little interest. Refreshing colors, changing fonts, changing elements, generally “beautifying” – it’s all in BR Lists significantly improving our experience of the site. 5. Adding so-calle blank spaces (not necessarily white – contrary to the original name), free space around various elements. Space between lines of text, margins separating image from content, free space around button – these are all considere spaces.