This does not mean that content marketing is doing badly – quite the opposite. It simply change its form, and people dealing with it professionally notice the potential that lies in it. Content marketing involves acquiring customers with knowlege – whether in the form of blog texts, extensive guides, video materials (guides, tutorials, video essays, e-books, webinars, training, etc.). The range of methods of reaching is wide, but the most important thing that distinguishes content marketing from other reundant texts is the impression it leaves in the recipient. If it is positive (“I learne something”) or simply organizes the knowlege I already have, then we can actually talk about real content marketing, which focuses on providing knowlege in an accessible way.

Content simply disappear somewhere

At the same time building a positive opinion with the recipient. However, if the impressions after contact with such content are negative (“nothing new”, “I’ve seen it somewhere and it doesn’t add anything interesting”), then it’s hard to talk about high Croatian Email List  effectiveness. This is one of the reasons why content marketing has recently undergone a far-reaching transformation and today there is no shortage of valuable content that, apart from being high in search results, has real value to offer recipients that can affect further purchasing decisions, and thus: conversion. Poor in the search results and no one remembers about it.

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This is a big simplification

Even the people who wrote them. SEM, or SEO, CPC and other magic shortcuts SEM , or search engine marketing , is nothing but marketing BR Lists activities carrie out in search engines. It has been assume that SEM consists of SEO ( search engine optimization ) and CPC ( cost per click – advertising campaigns in search results) activities. Yes,, but it is good enough to reflect the situation. results (also known as SERP for short , from the English Search Engine Results Page) are focuse on providing a specific answer to a specific query of the customer who is looking for a specific answer.