Senior Strategy Consultant MARKETING AND PR Analytics in marketing 1-Magdalena , Head of Marketing at Schwarzkopf Professional In a broader sense, customer lifetime value is a measure of the profit associate with a specific customer relationship. to maintain this relationship – if you estimate the CLV of one customer at PLN 500, you will not spend more than that to try to maintain this relationship, because it will not be profitable. How to calculate CLV? Customer Lifetime Value consists of two key factors: the average basket and the frequency of purchases. It is important that the data use for the calculations come from the same period – otherwise this calculation will not be reliable. Meium basket.

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The average cart represents how much a customer spends on average each time they place an order. To get this number, you just nee to take your revenue and divide it by the number of orders place. Average order value = total sales / number of orders Industry Email List Purchase frequency Purchase frequency represents the average number of orders place by each customer over a period of time. Using the same time frame as the average order value calculation, you nee to divideby the number of customers. Purchase frequency = Number of orders / Number of customers Customer lifetime value Customer value represents how much on average.

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One customer is worth to a brand or business. To calculate CLV, simply multiply your average order value by your purchase frequency. Customer BR Lists Value = Average Shopping Cart x Purchase Frequency We recommend reading: 35-definitions-small-preview ARTICLE 35 definitions from the world of marketing Read How to increase Customer Lifetime Value? According to  range from 60% to 70%, while for new customers the number ranges.