Communication with the use of video, video marketing Communication with the use of video is currently the most desirable trend in marketing. The giants of social meia – Facebook, Instagram, Linkein, YouTube, put great emphasis (and budget!) on the development of video communication on their websites. Live broadcasts, webinars, Insta stories are just some of the examples of video formats that a modern company can use in communication with its clients. It is hard not to mention that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and users of this platform watch hundres of millions of hours of videos. What’s more, for many brands, YouTube has become a source of customer acquisition and a platform where you can earn real money.

The emotions it evokes

A marketer, video is also the most effective and best carrier of emotions, and it is known that the attitude towards the brand is undoubtely relate to in the recipient. For example, let’s look at the fans and anti-fans of the Apple brand, or the Allegro old Ecuador Email List man who is learning English to be able to talk to his granddaughter. Therefore, one of the basic, and soon probably the most important, competences of a modern marketer will be the knowlege of video formats along with the ability to use them as well as optimization and advertising distribution.

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Advertising spot with a charming

Check the offer Narrative marketing, tell me your story “One picture is worth a thousand words” this popular Chinese maxim certainly has no BR Lists reference to storytelling,. In the 21st century, we are eager to use narrative marketing to engage audiences. Good storytelling seuces people to whom we tell stories, inspires, inspires trust, instills a certain vision of the world of our brand and product. The man who mastere the art of storytelling to perfection was the creator of the Apple brand.