Where should you market your business? Of course, you want your company to be on all major sites, regardless of what you do: Yelp Google Maps Google+ Facebook Yellow pages LinkeIn etc. The most important reason for creating company profiles on these portals is that a customer who wants to add e.g. a good review of your company simply will not find it and will not. But an even more important reason is that many of these sites provide the ability to create a profile for anyone, and if the customer has little time and he does it for you, you won’t be able to control it. Sometimes it happens that the company does not even know anything about such a proceure.

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Once you have create accounts on main sites, you can pay attention to portals that are specifically aime at your service industry. If you have hotels, you should get a TripAdvisor profile. If you are in the weing decoration industry, you are strongly Kuwait Email List advise to use Snapchat and Instagram. They will help you build a wide fan base and possibly even future customers. that you have the opportunity to promote your business is to type in the search engine the most important keyword for you. Let’s assume it will be “hairdresser Olsztyn.

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Now check the first two pages of the search engine for the exact portals where you can place your ad. These will be websites that customers look BR Lists at very often Now you may say: “Why the first two pages when most people only look at the first one anyway? results are inconsistent. The site’s positions change very often. That is, websites that are on the second page of the search engine can be move to the first and vice versa, and within a short period of time.