Relate posts should definitely be create with these guidelines in mind: First of all, images are use for content, because they are often eye-catching and simply add to the positivity of the presentation. Display at least three items, but do not overdo it with the quantity (it is more difficult to make a choice). Select this section so much that it doesn’t blend in with the rest of the elements. Use more interesting substitutes than meaningless relate entries. By using these guidelines, you are sure to encourage further interaction between users. WordPress plugin that adds a relate posts section With the WordPress CMS, it is easy to implement such a section in your own blog.

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You can even successfully do it yourself. All you have to do is choose one of the plugins and the many plugins will make your head spin. So it’s important to know exactly what you want from this type of plugin. They differ in the content selection South Sudan Email List algorithm and display possibilities in a specific location. Thus, you can more or less decide where such a section should be inserte. It’s also nice to be able to use a shortcode to insert a relate post section anywhere. For example, in the middle of the article content. In turn, the selection algorithm itself is the other decisive factor.

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Posts can be suggeste base on: post content title category tags web history you can define your own keyword words you can manually set items for BR Lists each record So there are a whole bunch of ways. Of course, it’s best to set everything up manually, but a few hundre articles? That is all. If you look at, any of them can actually work. Just choosing by category can be too general, as be too broad. In this case, the use of tags (there are usually several of them) seems more appropriate.