Have you presente? This is your online store and to find it. The customer has to search for it. Of course, with a general idea of ​​marketing, one can assume. How much traffic (people) will pass the store, how many will enter it, how much attention will be paid. But in fact, most likely, you will not be able to say for sure. Unless you are a guru. At the same time. The risks offline are much higher. Than online. So to attract customers to an online store, you nee to generate. Traffic to the online store. This is best done in the ways and methods describe above. And now, in turn, I will share a couple. Of schemes and ways to do this. “How to attract customers to an online store.

What are my customers looking

Option 1 Trying to attract customers to an online store via Google. Step one: Collect keywords according to the principle “for?”. For example, “Buy joggers in Kiev” or “Buy a chair with delivery obolon” and so on. Step two: print all the keywords in Uganda Email List the table. Step three: register with Google Adwords, connect Google Analytics to the website. Step four: it to attract customers on the Internet (many articles have been written on how to do this, in addition, there are detaile instructions from Google itself.

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Create an advertising campaign and launch

It is advisable to configure it in Google Merchant Center as well. Step five: we wait for traffic, when we wait – we analyze it. During the analysis, you nee to look at the following metrics: the number of clicks, the average cost per click,. Step six: we BR Lists draw a conclusion about the effectiveness of advertising, the cost of attracting a customer to an online store – we invest in the price. Note: Of course, advertising always nees to be fine-tune, supplemente with minus words, remove key issues that drain the budget – but this is already about how to customize advertising.