Practicing hakalau Our nervous system gets very tire if we have to concentrate on a short field of view (screen, details on a presentation, etc) for a long time. Then there is overstimulation. The hakalau exercise (the name comes from Hawaii) is base on the fact that we break away from looking at the detail for a moment and try to look in perspective – we distract our eyes. First of all, we nee to identify how large the field of view, the panorama, is. We raise our hands up to them beyond the field of vision, checking where the border is, when we still see the so-calle. our hands out of the corner of our eyes.

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We distract our eyes by looking ahead, mentally listing all the objects that we have in our field of vision, what else our eyes are able to perceive. of the nervous system looks like. business meetings? Excessive expression At full close-up, which shows the Aruba Email List whole face, the smallest elements that we would like to hide are expose (scratching, playing with hair, ). So it is worth adjusting such a frame in which larger expressions will look better, in a fuller foreground. According to the principle: the greater the expression, the fuller the plan. Gesturing The camera sees flat. That is why all kinds of gestures, hand stretching, showing something make our hand disproportionately large and overexpresse which distracts the recipients.

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The camera likes saving. If we say something important, we no longer add gestures to it. Stretching and drawing out sounds A pause in speech or silence is BR Lists depressing for many people. It can cause embarrassment. Then comes “uh, mmm”. Sometimes we try to extend our speech through these sounds, not really knowing what we want to say next. Stretching and stretching sounds can be tiring for audiences.