It is worth paying more attention to them so that both users and search engine bots like them as much as possible. So check out the ten tips below. 519 237 How do I add images to my website? – 10 tips 1. Insert images with the correct dimensions. Finding a happy meium in appropriate proportions is extremely important. The graphics you add should not be too small because the users will only get annoye by the small images. Otherwise, they will be artificially stretche, resulting in really poor quality. On the other hand, they also should not be too large. Many people have websites that are not designe to properly scale the images they add themselves.

The importance of graphics

This can make us all see a perfectly normal image, when in reality it becomes huge. Although visually it will not make any difference, quite a lot of unnecessary data will be downloade “in the background”. This has a very negative effect on site loading Romania Email List spee. 2. Pay attention to Continuing with the theme brought up in the previous paragraph, , should not be too “heavy”, as they slow down the entire website. For this reason, a good idea is to use compression to reuce unnecessary overhead with little or no quality loss. You can optimize graphics with a tool calle TinyPNG. If you use WordPress, a good plugin for this task will be.

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Any graphics you add should

WP Smush Use only high quality images “Quality” – this word should accompany you on the Internet at every step if you have your website. only be BR Lists visually appealing. They must not contain any spots or noticeable so-calle “artifacts” that appear when JPG files are compresse. Let’s face it – it’s better to not add a graphic at all than to insert one that only causes frustration for visitors. 4. Use appropriate formats The format is not the same. JPG is a generic type.