Only your own assortment The opportunity to promote your own brand THE MAIN DISADVANTAGES OF MARKETING GOODS ON THE INTERNET USING FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM: Lack of product cataloging (this is terrible, especially if the product range is changing) Lack of acquisition (online payment) li> Lack of automation of purchase processes and product selection, size and more. It is difficult to gather an audience without ads. Here are some links that can bring you profit in the future if you plan to promote products on the Internet through social networks + marketplaces. Get user contacts on the marketplace, give a link to instagram with a promo code for a small discount on the next purchase.

This is just a series of interactions

Encourage subscription + loyal customer for subsequent interaction. In order for users to be able to see all products in the catalog, in the profile link, leave a link to your card on the marketplace. Give the user the opportunity to see the entire range. (This works especially well with stores on prom.) Ask to leave a review about you on Facebook – for further Haiti Email List contact with the audience. You can also give some kind of promotional code or other “bun”.. Because there is the possibility of mass following on Instagram and Facebook, which we did not talk about, marketing through geolocation, posting information in the meia or cross-posting. All of this exists, but we are now looking at the big picture.

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The audience and increase

It is necessary and possible to market products BR Lists on. However, this does not always give an accurate result measurable in terms of profit. For example, we have clients who do excellent marketing of goods on the Internet with the help of SEO and marketplaces, but at the same time they do not market at all through social networks.