The prices for the most popular themes on ThemeForest, as I mentione earlier, are around $60. Prices can vary slightly up or down, but the most popular themes start at $250. A custom designe theme costs significantly more. The immeiate reason for this is the time it takes to create it. A “ready-made” theme can be downloade in minutes, while a custom theme must be create first. Again, when it comes to specific pricing, I have to use the now famous phrase “it depends,” as each company has its own way of working and billing for projects. 3. Uniqueness A finishe theme can be sold as many times as you like.

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It’s a great way to make money building a theme once and then mass selling it with guarantee support for a certain amount of time. But the catch is that anyone can buy a theme. There is no exclusivity here. Therefore, there is a risk that somewhere on Madagascar Email List that is similar to another precisely because it is base on the same theme. sense of uniqueness, the sense that something is made to order. A worthy brand makes sure to have its own carefully crafte image. When using “off-the-shelf” products, the likelihood of certain elements appearing on other websites is much higher. Therefore, when it comes to deciding which is better.

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A custom WordPress theme or a ready-made theme -. 4. Equippe with ready-made options Ready-made themes are deliberately equippe with the BR Lists maximum number of options to satisfy the nees of as many people as possible. It is not for nothing that they have hundres or even thousands of ready-made configuration options that can be easily “clicke on” in a relatively short time.