This applies primarily to navigation. After all, users nee to perform various actions on your website – in most cases, this will be done through the menu. Your goal is to organize the navigation bar in a way that is above all intuitive. This also applies to other navigation elements such as sidebars, buttons, mobile menus, etc. The intuitiveness of the above elements is mainly influence by: accompanying texts/labels ease of use visibility colors Navigation is the key to keeping users on your site longer. 6. Create a search engine If your website has many subpages, it is a good idea to implement a search engine. It allows users to find the content they are intereste in – it goes without saying.

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However remember that search capabilities alone are not enough. Some websites require advance search capabilities. Therefore, if your site is so extensive that it makes sense to introduce, for example, filtering, consider this solution. down their search so Sierra Leone Email List they get more relevant results. 7. Engage users Engagement is what makes social meia successful. with each other that make us “pull” into one or another portal. How to increase the time users spend on a page with engagement? with the same mechanism. The Internet is not a static place where we just read. If you want to attract visitors.

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Offer them various interactive elements. These include, for example, newsletters, call-to-action buttons, the previously mentione search engine, forms – just about anything that requires the user to click or type, i.e. take an action. your audience is BR Lists also important. But more on that below. 8. Use Profit Language I mentione in one of the previous paragraphs that commitment is key. It can also be invoke with the correct phrases appropriate to the situation.