What are the limits of this campaign There is another non obvious but important plus the presence of such a website for a company often has a positive effect on the company’s image. The design of this site is present in corporate colors logos and other distinctive elements. Also such sites often provide information about the company’s field of activity some significant moments coverage of the company’s activities in the news the history and development of the company in general everything that helps both third party and internal users get to know the company.

Choosing a WordPress theme

Corporate image website. It is in principle similar to an information site but there are differences. This type of website is intend to create an mobile app development service image and is aim at consumers of the company’s services or products. On such a site all information about the brand history products loyalty programs and promotions is quickly publish. Often such sites also provide a complete catalog of products with photos detail descriptions and functionality of the product.

What are the criteria

It is important not to overload the site the ratio of graphic material and text data is . Such sites are usually design more “freely” than corporate information sites but the presence of company symbols and or corporate colors is mandatory. Online BR Lists store chain store electronic store internet shop e shop . A website whose main purpose is to sell a product or service. Mandatory sections include a product catalog and an order page offering payment options. The administrator of this site is oblig to organize delivery and also control payments to customers.