He looks at the statistics of the day, but also looks into. The future to be able to plan tasks that will bring the company closer to achieving its digital goals. We aske Aleksandra. Dejnarowicz, who runs the Analytics in Marketing course, about the tools she cannot imagine. Her work without and about the challenges face by specialists in her position. Relate Courses. MARKETING AND PR Analytics in marketing 1 Magdalena Wieczorek, Head of Marketing at Schwarzkopf Professional What do you do on a daily basis? There is no distinguishe title of marketing analyst in my position. But these days it is a very analytical job. Digital is mostly base on data.

Traffic statistics and user behaviour

I analyze the traffic on the website and what is happening in social meia (Facebook, Instagram and LinkeIn), both paid and organic activities. Therefore, before I even start working during the day, I have to operate on the basis, in the form of an Special Database analysis or audit, of the company’s situation. The content I create on a daily basis is not accidental. Content is very strongly correlate with trends, nees and the results of daily analyzes that show what users want to engage in, what they read, what they like and what they don’t. What tools do you use.

Special Database

The tool provides information

The basic tools of a data analyst and marketing manager include: 1. Meta Business Suite A free tool that allows you to manage your Facebook page, Instagram BR Lists profile and messages from one desktop. 2. Google Analytics A free tool that is use to analyze on the website. on about the number of users who are currently on the website, the sources of visits and or website traffic, the number of new and returning users, the paths users take around the website or the most frequently.