If you have any doubts, just write to us.MARKETING The company’s reputation on the Internet, which creates recognition Well-known brands have an establishe reputation. When we hear about such a company, we can easily determine what it does, what the quality of its services is, and whether it is reliable. In other words, we can easily “categorize” it and attribute certain properties to it. It’s a completely different matter with brands that are small, unknown and simply cover a narrow audience. Then the company’s online level, because the user has not yet learne about the value of the brand.

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Often unfortunately, this is the long-term effect of various measures to consistently improve the company’s reputation. It’s worth it though, as Portugal Email List well-known and love brands definitely have more influence in terms of sales or services offere. So check out to build your brand reputation online with the desire effect. 596 129 A company’s online reputation – 8 things to consider 1. The opinions are top notch Above all, online reputation should be base on reviews. They are a kind of proof that the company offers a certain level of service.

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They are a factor that we can control and thereby bring the user closer to a certain brand. others that the company is reliable and has a number of satisfie customers behind it. There are many ways to get reviews and post them. They can be collecte BR Lists on Facebook, in a Google business card or on your own website. Also, they can take many forms – or even a video review, which is increasingly seen on websites these days. Read more in our second guide on how to get reviews online.