We recommend reading blog-small-preview-5-traps-online-business-62f0336c36c8a962527017.png ARTICLE 5 pitfalls that are holding back your online business Read This means that brands should prepare a two-pronge strategy. Inspire consumers first. They also nee to make sure that with a lot of competition, they should take care of the right strategy and communication in various search engines, social meia and other channels. The strategy itself becomes omnichannel to minimize the risk of losing potential consumers as much as possible at the first stage of their shopping journey. The question you nee to ask yourself: do you have a scalable marketplace strategy, one that won’t cannibalize other channels.

Shopping to be more exciting and enjoyable

Consumer experiences rule It is no longer possible to afford a poor or ill-considere online consumer experience. Regardless of the channel, audiences are becoming less tolerant of low-quality experiences. They expect instant delivery, easy returns and product Angola Email List availability. There is still a lot of work to be done in terms of consumer experience. 32% of respondents said that shopping is boring for them, and 62% would like online. At the same time, greater transparency, meticulousness and reliability in. 74% of consumers expect improve visibility of products and services and better offers. Focusing on the audience experience is increibly important. More than half (58%) of shoppers say they won’t buy from a brand that doesn’t meet their shopping experience expectations.

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The preparation of offers are require

What impacts the experience ? Service and it is this service that determines their subsequent purchasing decisions. The first place is the spee of delivery, then convenience (available payment and delivery options) and greater transparency of the entire BR Lists process and flexibility. Spee ​​means delivery time. On average, consumers were willing to wait for the delivery of products ordere online, which did not excee 3 working days. However, there are also more demanding customers.