Third way tables Although the use of tables is much more limite than in previous options, they provide a combination of visual elements and text. Tables are very useful when writing an article that compares many things. If you’re using WordPress, check out the TablePress plugin. If your WordPress theme is written with the Bootstrap framework, you don’t nee to use a plugin, but first you should familiarize yourself with how the HTML code for tables is structure. Don’t forget to test each table on mobile devices as not all tables display correctly. How to attract readers.

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The average time a reader spends on your posts is one of the most important metrics you can care about must be taken. This is also another mechanism that shows you if the users really like and appreciate if they are what you write for them. If you Somalia Email List made it to the end of this post, please share , Which of the following tips was the most useful for you and helpe attract readers.Why do users leave your website? When we design a website, we usually focus on that an attractive design will attract a wide range of customers. However, by using this tactic, we create many opportunities for mistakes that will later cost us a drop in conversions. In this regard, why do users leave your site.

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What errors lead to this? 403 109 Creating a website is much easier than getting it to the point where we get a high percentage of conversions. and above all BR Lists expertise in matters such as user experience and user interface. However, there are common mistakes that we make and don’t even realize how much they affect this unfortunate transformation. 1. This is an extremely important part of any website.