Then I move on to analyzing what the situation looks like on all channels on a given day. I watch how the statistics change, how the campaigns are doing. Then he goes about executing the plans. My day can be summe up in three words: strategy, optimization, execution. Strategy I am one of the people responsible for the marketing strategy. So I take part in the development of the document, which becomes a manual in the company. If the company has a business strategy, a marketing, communication or content strategy is laid out under it. However, this will not happen without a thorough knowlege of the inside of the organization. You should get to know people employees client.

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Know perfectly well what the mission and vision are, and only then start working on a strategy that will tell you how to reach your goal. Getting to know can be the key to developing a strategy that meets the nees of all stakeholders. Strategies are no longer Afghanistan Email List for two, three or five years. Currently, they are guides that contain tips on, talk about the brand, where we should be, what to do to be closer to our audience. These are also no longer documents that are given once and for all. They are constantly subject to tests and are checke against reality and modifie on an ongoing basis.

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Digital is a rapidly changing environment. One day it may turn out that some platform on which we publishe posts no longer exists. may change BR Lists overnight, which may prevent us from functioning on this channel. We recommend reading: blog-small-preview-digital-marketing-trends- ARTICLE How to use trends and user behavior in a digital marketing strategy? Read Optimization It’s about looking at goals and adapting to the situation with different tools Be agile here.