However this must be done without sacrificing service quality and customer service. Consumers would like brands and retailers to offer better options that support environmental protection. 68% of respondents would like to improve the quality and quantity of packaging use in online sales. E-retailers should also look at areas where they could sell second-hand or scrappe goods at a lower price. 65% of consumers say that ethics and morality play an important role in their purchasing decisions. It seems that consumers want everything – both faster and convenient delivery, as well as high product availability, free returns and ecological solutions.

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This can be a big challenge for companies.: does your company have good sustainability practices, how do they align with your business, how do they support improving the quality of services at stages such as delivery, returns and product availability? 7. Consumers expect innovation Innovation is a key requirement for consumers. They want and Anguilla Email List expect innovative solutions and a better brand experience. It can be, for example, cashless payment, a new store format or shopping by voice (40% of respondents declare that they use intelligent assistants to shop online.

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Consumers are increasingly using innovative payment methods. 64% of respondents are excite about stores where you don’t have to queue to pay (Amazon Go). And half of consumers are willing to pay using different parts of the body, such as the face, hand or eyes. a huge surge in interest since the outbreak of the pandemic, offering consumers out BR Lists with friends. For several years, you can also observe the growing popularity of games as sales channels. 86% of respondents say they use games. They use the phone for this. And 62% said they spend money on these games.