A good example is the description of the functions of the Brand24 platform: 2. Icons grab users’ attention As I said before, a picture can be worth a “thousand words”. The same goes for icons. No icons or graphics can seem boring to us nowadays.and ugly. Imagine a simple newspaper with only text – no images or banners. Boring. In addition to catchy headlines, colorful images, graphics or icons attract our attention. That’s why you always first look at an article that stands out with beautiful graphics, even if the content is not interesting to you (because you still don’t know). Remember that it is very important to match and integrate the selecte icons and graphics with the given graphic design.

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Overall design so that everything fits together and forms a unity. It’s not enough to pick some free icons and just put them on your website. Icons will Scotland Email List not only capture the attention of users, but at the same time help create the structure of the website and or services. Each icon has its own function, in addition they create a nice page structure, which can streamline the website. Sometimes online stores use the same or similar icons in different places.

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We can use two different shopping cart icons for an online store in different places in the store. Both icons are associate with the purchase of certain BR Lists products, but may have different functions. Their functions are made clear through its appropriate the icon. Here the world of UX /UI and I am not I may not mention the proximity principle. The Proximity Principle states that relate elements should be groupe together so that they form an organize layout.