Optimize texts on the website – put the right structure on headings, text blocks, set alt attributes for images and so on. Step Four: Write and insert meta tags on the website.  I deliberately do not delve into the topic, because how to optimize in other publications of our blog. Step Five: Make sure the site has a sitemap and submit it for reindexing. Step six: – we analyze the growth of positions, traffic, identifie errors, in general all the data and draw up a further campaign plan. SEO is a complex process. It’s actually much more difficult than putting up ads.

When you go to any online store

If we talk abouwhen you go to any online storet online stores, everything is easier with sites because the competition is lower, as well as the requirements for technical optimization (which means – you can do it without programmers, if you really want UK Email List and learn. But with an online store without programmers, nothing will to work). As a rule, after six months of work, a clear result becomes visible. Although for some of our customers – the result is already visible in the first three months. What else can you do to attract customers to your online store? If you have already launche advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you can also launch remarketing.

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The cost of such advertising

Surely you have notice that to look at products, you get caught up with ads from that site or even the products that you have been looking at? So this is not difficult, this process is calle remarketing. You gather an audience of users who visit the BR Lists website and place banner ads on it on the Google or Facebook display networks. is much lower, because you already have an audience! Of course, you can still send emails to databases, meia ads, bloggers, webinars, and so on.