These are of course examples, but please note that many of these questions will come up periodically throughout the life of the company and in the absence of information on the website. Therefore, it is better to describe once and for all what services you provide. All this is done to, on the one hand, save time, primarily for ourselves and our customers, and on the other hand, to provide users with information earlier, without forcing them to take further action (ie contact). Of course, it is not possible to list all the questions in this way, as the questions and problems may vary, but it is absolutely worth clarifying at least the most important ones.

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FAQ or FAQ section How to present the company’s services on the website? Our two texts above complement this point perfectly. 8. Provide white space The term “white space” is use to describe the free space around different parts of a Lesotho Email List website. A micro business website should be full of them. Why? For a long time, web design trends have move towards increase usability, minimalism and clear presentation of information. Against these principles stands. Free spaces allow the page to “breathe” and ensure that our eyes do not “fly” from place to place, but calmly direct their attention to what is important.

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In other words, just keep your business website up to date in terms of usability. 9. Start a blog There’s not much chance the industry giants in Google BR Lists search for very general one or two word phrases. to win over this time such a huge position and reputation that without the monstrous sums you spend on SEO, you simply cannot beat them. Can you do something about it? Yes, but you have to choose a different tactic. Your chance is to start blogging.