CMS OpenCart advantages: free platform; work with a large number of payment systems; Security – the system takes care of the protection of transactions, warns of hacking and data loss, engine control panel built-in add-on store with access to the database of templates, add-ons, plugins; · import to Excel. CMS OpenCart Disadvantages: · unnecessary platform fields cannot be disable without eiting the code. For example, you will not be able to independently change the “shopping cart” or “registration” section; -for a large number of extensions and plugins, conflicts may occur; · slow loading spee of the website, · high cost and long terms when completing additional features on.

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The website. For example, to improve work with buyers’ personal accounts, you nee to change the platform or half of the website; · Difficulties during, i.e. when the website is outdate – you have to create a new one from scratch; · errors in some modules Uruguay Email List after update. WOOCOMMERCE on WordPress, then this is a free plugin for it. After installing WooCommerce, the site turns into a fully functional store. The plugin has become a powerful business tool. There is also an opportunity to offer any product with additional services.

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WooCommerce you can organize products into dozens of different categories. And when a new order is place, the administrator receives email notifications. to the WooCommerce plugin you can create online stores on the WordPress CMS. ADVANTAGES BR Lists OF WOOCOMMERCE: · Fast and intuitive store setup; · You can add photos and videos of the product, · the ability to perform detaile analyses, · multilingual, · many payment methods; · suitable for small online stores (up to 100 products). If it is more, the problems begin with cataloging and work spee.