Sometimes it happens that various “junk” elements, that is, elements that are not very useful to users, end up in the lower parts of web pages. This is a mistake. In fact, the footer is not as visible as the higher parts of the website, but its role cannot be ignore. Place there, for example, a short description of your services. It can also contain, for example, links to the most relevant parts of your website. If the user ends up at the bottom of the page, it would be nice if they were directe somewhere else. Preferably in the place where the goal conversion is most likely to happen. Test! Testing is everything.

A purpose is useless

Sometimes you can rely on your intuition or the experience of professionals, but nothing prevents you from regularly conducting, for example, A/B tests. Properly implemente, they can show you after a while which solutions are better than others. All this is done to ensure that of websites on mobile devices is at the highest possible level. Mobile UX and French Guiana Email List Web Conversion – Why Improve It? All simple – because you have a website for a reason. Most likely you are selling services or products. In addition, mobile users cannot be ignore, as their share of website traffic is in many cases higher than that of desktop users. If you have a website that nees to serve certain then goals, then do your best so that every type of user can find the right one.

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A website create without a purpose

The purpose of the website is useless. Its purpose must be clearly define. How to choose the right goal for creating a website? 441 42 A website create BR Lists without. Its purpose must be clearly define. How do you choose the right goal for creating a website? Before choosing a website, set a clear goal for yourself Surely you use the internet every day. You agree with me that there are a large number of sites.