Large number of repetitions will have a negative. Impact on your ranking in search results and website marketing. Such an example can be found on TOP50-TOP100 of the search results, so many sites have similar problems when writing title due to spam. An important parameter of the title meta tag is uniqueness at the level of the entire domain, when writing metadata we must. Understand that copying it from one page to another would be a mistake. When analyzing a website, search engines will notice the similarity and lower the position of pages with duplicate data. The H1 tag as a factor in website marketing H1 is a text tag, an element for. Marking text headings in the HTML document on the page. This tag is not a meta tag, but in the IT world it is considere one.

When optimizing a website

There are H1-H6 tags to define headings, and the value of the tag is lost in descending order. Always use the H1 heading for a page. For the rest of the headings in the texts, it is recommende to use H2-H3 and at least use H4-H6. It is often possible to find Ghana Email List that in the H1 meta tag, when marketing and optimizing a website, key user questions are adde. I make sure that the content, and the search engine also gives an important value to this tag. From the experience of the DIGIANTS company, we can say that the use of commercial words in the H1 tag lowers the ranking of sites due to the fact that it looks intrusive both to the user and to the search engines.

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This meta tag is not visible

In some cases, such as how to order a SERM service or Kitchen to order, such headings can work positively. Important: The H1 tag is a text heading that is usually found at the beginning of the text or at the top of the page, in the search results;, the h1 header BR Lists must be use once; When using the semantic core, in the h1 heading, high-frequency user queries in a direct mail indicate; The length of the meta tag should not excee 7 words; The h1 meta tag is best use in the plural when it comes to optimizing an online store or product catalogs.