The indicator must not be less than 90%, otherwise the search engine will consider such text as partially borrowe, and its usefulness has already been describe on other resources. Word density (spam). The written SEO article should contain a goal, usually the most use words in the article and is its goal. But the word frequency should not excee 3% of the total text. There should be headings in the text base on our structure. 4. The usefulness of the site’s articles in the blog. A subjective factor, but you also have to think about it when writing articles, although the search engine is a machine, it understands the content of each page and can evaluate the usefulness of each document.

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What to look for The usefulness of the text. When writing SEO articles, it is important to write a minimum of “water” and a maximum of useful information that specifically reveals the purpose of the article. Truth. All written information must Georgia Email List be up-to-date and not contain lies or confuse users. Your article is not the only source, which means the comparison will show distorte information. Resource capacity. You can use not only establishe information for SEO text, but new information that can help users. Expertise. The article should be written in such a way that the reader can see the author’s knowlege in this field. Use verifie static data, charts, tables.

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Such use should be moderate for the readability of the text. Plain text. Write SEO blog articles in simple sentences, without heavy use of complex sentences or frequent use of specialize terms and concepts. Volume. Paragraphs are best divide into BR Lists blocks of 1000 data, images. This increases readability and does not make reading a routine.. depends on the purpose and the questions reveale, the search engine perceives from 2-4 thousand characters without spaces. But to write a quality article you usually nee to go outside this framework.