This is not surprising as their message is simple and clear. They quickly reach our consciousness. This is because we absorb visual information much more efficiently – our brain processes it faster than pure text information. Look at the graphics use on your website. Are they clear enough? Do they convey any value? Don’t let your website consist of graphics by accident. The visual message is as important as the text. 3. Check the number of clicks on the CTA Call-to-action buttons are perhaps the most recognizable parts of almost any landing page. Their function is to catch visitors’ attention and direct them to certain places. Many do it really not realizing how many it can even mean a button.

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A few days ago we had the pleasure of reesigning the content of a website. By simply changing the color of the buttons, the percentage of people who clicke through to the most relevant sections increase. It was enough to apply the principle of contrast. CTAs are Serbia Email List much more visible because they stand out with their unique color. However, remember that color buttons – that’s not all. text are also important. 4.Improve forms Form inefficiency is one of the reasons website owners wonder how to optimize their landing page. The shape is like a gateway. By filling it out, you will receive information that will make the path to acquiring a customer much shorter. Therefore, their role is extremely important. The most common errors in forms include.

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Ugly appearance filling process too long lack of staging number of prompts leading to the form lack of analysis of their effectiveness A very good BR Lists post on our blog was create by Bartlomey Kilyan on this topic – optimizing the form on to get more profit. I highly recommend the mentione text. 5. Rewrite texts In the first paragraph of this note, I pointe out that headlines play a key role in landing pages. While section headings are important, the rest of the text on the page should not be overlooke. Headlines grab attention.