How to exclude pages from Google search? Indexing a large number of pages in search engines is very tempting for many novice website owners. Especially if these are new sites, and we are trying to improve the position of our site as quickly as possible. While it is true that by publishing more pages relevant to a given keyword (provide they are also of good quality), we help improve the position in the keyword rankings, sometimes it is better to keep certain pages out of search engine index. Why? I’ll explain everything in a moment.

The main reason for using no index

This post will show some situations where it is better to remove a particular subpage from the search engine index, and exactly what it looks like from a technical point of view. Why should you exclude certain subpages of your website from the Uzbekistan Email List index? where a subpage should be exclude from the search engine. and nofollow is to prevent duplicate content from being indexe (the situation where the same text is on two different pages). Another good reason? For example, a thank you subpage. Usually, the user can see it right after downloading your e-book or subscribing to your newsletter.

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If you measure conversions

As a site owner, you want the user to go to your site only if they take some action, such as Subscribe to the newsletter. You don’t nee direct links from BR Lists the search engine to the thank you pages. Why? A simple example – with such a page, you will get false information, because someone can access such a subpage directly from a search engine. Another example would be the option to download a free e-book in exchange for filling out a form. Once done, the user is reirecte to a thank you subpage with a link to the promise e-book.