A table of contents in blog posts We’re using a LuckyWP table of contents on our blog and I can honestly say that this is one of the best decisions we’ve made in recent memory. We have also notice many followers of our actions from this angle . This WordPress plugin allows you to automatically create a table of contents so that users can familiarize themselves with the points that await them below. And that’s not all the benefits! The links highlighte in re have been adde by Google specifically base on the headings that the LuckyWP TOC took into account when creating the TOC. Clicking on any of the above links will take you directly to that specific location throughout the text. In general, if you are thinking of creating a website, the blog table of contents will be a hit.

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Consider the meaning of a sidebar A sidebar or sidebar. Part of a page that has been mostly use by blogs for many, many years. Once an integral part of them, today it is increasingly seen as a relic of the past. While subpages like categories and tags New Caledonia Email List usually make sense, post that you can get by without it. that an article is an article. If someone visits the page, it means they want to read it. He is intereste in text, content. elements on the page that just take up space and destroy the symmetry.

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Many people use the sidebar to place call-to-action elements. That’s good, but the desire to get more conversions cannot come before aesthetics BR Lists and usability. In the end, such a section can be place right below the blog article. The sidebar on the site, or tips on the sidebar, is a text by Michał Ziłkowski, which you can read if you are intereste in this topic. 4. Enter a search engine (but with your head) Search engines on websites are use to quickly find the content users want.