Note that all webmasters should do. When it comes to the file. Detect if robot at all if there is, make sure it doesn’t harm your site’s position in the search engines How do I check if a website has a file.  Can berom any browser. in the root folder of each site so that we can determine if. The site has rob Just add “” to the end of your domain name as. Shown in the example. Below is empty, the browser will display its contents. If it doesn’t exist, you’ll get a 404 error. Do we nee a robot? txt file? If you already know what robots.txt is, you probably. Don’t nee it on your site at all. REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE A ROBOTS TXT FILE ON YOUR WEBSITE.

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You have data that you do not want to share. With search engines. You use paid links or ads that. Require special instructions for search engines. You want only authority bots like Googlebot to visit your site. You create with website and change it “live”, so you Lebanon Email List don’t want robots to index the unfinishe version. Robots.txt helps you follow the guidelines set by Google. REASON WHY A ROBOT .TXT FILE DOES NOT NEe TO BE ON YOUR WEBSITE: Don’t have a robot. txt file, you eliminate potential errors that could negatively affect your site’s position in search engines. You have no files that you want to hide from the search engine.

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In this If you do not have a robots txt file, search engines have full access to your website. This is of course normal and common, so there is nothing to BR Lists worry about. How to create a robot .txt? Creating a rotxt file is child’s play. Such a file is a plain text file, the most common notepad on your system or any other text eitor. So you can look at it this way: I’m not creating a robots.t file, I’m just writing a simple note. Robt instructions and their meaning Now that you know what bots is you nee to learn how to use it properly.