What kind of content they post. Nofollow and dofollow links. Titles on subpages Distribution of headings H1, H2, H3, etc. How can I get this information? The best tool for this is of course Ahrefs. Of the Polish services, Senuto is worth recommending. Keep in mind that many valuable tools are paid, but most of them offer a free trial period, usually for 14 days, so you have plenty of time to analyze your competitor’s website for SEO. 2. Check for technical issues on competing websites Both of the tools I mentione earlier have a website review feature in their offerings. This will not be a professional review of 50 pages listing and explaining all the problems, but a report from for example.

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The Senuto tool will include any technical problems, indexing problems, code errors, general flaws in the site structure and many other problems. In other words, you will know what their weaknesses are. With the help of the receive information, you can Singapore Email List optimize your site so that it does not have errors that your competitors have. 3. Do better than your competition Recently I about increasing the number of website visitors using skyscraper technology. I will briefly explain what it is. At a basic level, this technique is all about identifying the best articles and posts from your competitors.

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Once you find them create your content base on them (I’m not talking about simple copy/paste) with the only difference that your posts and articles should be a bit more meaningful, longer, comprehensive and visually appealing. You can then link to BR Lists your content in the same places as your competitors, but with a note that your article is about such and such a question (and your competitors’ article left it out) or you create additional infographics, etc. with the best posts and articles. In this regard, how do you write better articles and posts? Here are some points to help you with this.