A few final words about post optimization in. WordPress As you can see, optimizing. Posts is not something you. Can do on your own. By applying the tips above, your submission should “glow green”. If something is wrong, read the tips that the plugin offers. It is also worth noting that the feature plugin is just a tool, and it is not. Without flaws (for example, the lack of case-sensitivity of the entere key phrase). Don’t blindly follow the suggestions that Yoast SEO has to offer.

The style is completely archaic

This gives us a general idea of ​​what we nee to work on. Overall, this is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their own SEO. This allows you to take care of the basic things that nee to be done to place the entrance correctly. Also remember that the Vietnam Email List text you write must first and foremost be practical and user-friendly.Outdate website elements ie. what is no longer done? from the website 419 41 The fact that in almost every aspect of our lives. Some trends fade away and new ones take their place. This is what the Wirtualna Polska website looke like at the end of 1998. This view is taken from the Wayback Machine database, where we can find out what a certain website looke like on a certain day.

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How to remove unwanted elements

If I wante to point out some obsolete items in the above view, describing them would take a lot of time. Now you don’t see such sites BR Lists anymore,, although at that time it was very much in line with modern trends and was absolutely “relevant”. However, I don’t know if you know about it, but many sites in the past still have outdate elements that are actually no longer relevant. Below you will find a list of them.