If you nee a popular engine for creating websites, especially Internet professionals ktov, then CMS 1C-Bitrix will be an excellent find. This is a platform for large companies that are ready to allocate significant funds to support the site. CMS is a modular system with additional applications. Advantages of CMS 1C-Bitrix: · Marketing tools are available on the engine. So, in version 1C-Bitrix “Site Management” 15.5 useful marketing tools have appeare: triggere mailings and a business model for preicting the company’s profit; · there are several levels of protection against the most common attacks and each level increases the security of the website,.

The main highlight for our users

A system for differentiating user rights, · a large number of visitors, the load on the database or errors in the program code load the platform. CMS 1C-Bitrix is ​​optimize for such loads. Disadvantages of CMS 1C-Bitrix: · for permanent use of the USA Email List system, you nee to purchase a license, the package of which starts from $70 up to $5400; · paid annual updates; · expensive developer services; · has very narrow functionality, · complex in the work for amateurs, or an outsource team to fill the site; slow page loading; coding skills are require for independent work. IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE TO READY-MADE CMS.

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The necessary functionality

Almost always CMS is a quick and ready solution, but usually they all have a small range of possibilities. Therefore, the company DIGIANTS has develope solutions that are not limite in functions and full freeom in design development. For a good BR Lists price, you can get all, which will be much easier and more convenient to work with. Wide functionality is the wide functionality of the functionality and ready-made solutions, you can choose both the ready-made functionality and add your own functions and we calculate them.