These figures it easier for people to decide if to them and consequently. To click on the advert itself, the text will be truncat and the words “see more” will appear. If a person clicks on this call to action to read the hidden information. We will be charg for the click without them arriving on the landing page. This means that you will pay for a click unnecessarily. For best results, remember Emb larger images instead of standard thumbnails. An image size of x pixels is recommend. Content with larger images tends to get up to higher CTR click through rate. Present a clear call to action, so your audience knows how to act on their best interests. 

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Sponsor InMail linkin-advertising-typology This type of ad is a form of one-to-one communication. That allows you to send messages to your defin target audience. You ne to be very careful when deciding to adopt this type of advert as it could be perceiv as too invasive. It is important to keep in mind web designs and development service that you are sending a message to someone. You do not know and who has not ask for any information. There are some tricks that can improve the chances of the message being read. Empathize with the reader Identify yourself with the person you want to reach and think about.

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How they perceive the problem you intend to solve Speak like you eat. Write as if you were talking BR Lists to a colleague, use simple and direct language Get to the point. Avoid the classic introductory presentation sentences that are boring. The only effect these phrases have is borom and indisposition. In fact, people have less and less time and therefore want to understand as quickly as possible. Whether what they are reading is of interest to them or not Use short and concise messages, without too many frills. The fewer words you use, the more likely the recipient will decide to read your message.