The court ruled that Haus did not infringe on the Morse code patent because all the information using the Haus system was printed on the note and the Morse code was not used. Later, Haus and Morse joined and established the Great Western Telegraph Company. Press releases are official statements issued to members of the news media, the purpose of which is to provide information, create official statements, or issue announcements for public release.

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Press releases are also considered to be the main source, which means they are the original  latest database  informants of the information. Press releases traditionally consist of nine structural elements, including headings, dates, profiles, text, and other components. Press releases are usually sent to the news media electronically and can be used at any time, and are usually restricted by “ before that, the so-called news embargo.

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A special example of a press release is the bulletin [1] (/k 뷙 ⁇ m juÔ n ⁇ k e ⁇ / ), which is a short report or statement issued by a public agency. Communiqués are usually issued after high-level meetings of international leaders. The use of press release materials can  BR Lists  benefit media companies because they help reduce costs and increase the amount of materials that media companies can export within a certain period of time.