At that time, the brand had about 180 stores across Poland , but most of them were adde to Google Moja Firma by Internet users , so SMYK could not manage them. In addition, the business cards in the GMF SMYKA panel did not always have up-to-date information. Therefore, it was necessary to do “general cleaning” , i.e.: find and take over business cards that were not in by users (about 40); create missing business cards (approx. 60); get rid of duplicate locations (in a few cases, one business card had even two duplicates); update data in business cards existing on the account before starting work and in new and taken over business cards, including: address, opening hours, telephone numbers, description, categories, name.

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It was also necessary to review the photos uploade by users and remove them if necessary; verify business cards in bulk. The challenges of managing hundre business cards 1. Change of data by users Since Google listings are primarily for Fiji Email List users,. Unfortunately, not every information they put on business cards is actually true. They may thus mislead other users (intentionally or not). Our solution: In many cases, Google informs in the Google My Business panel that changes have been made to the listing. However, it by e-mail or in any other way that would force the owner to look at the panel.

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Our task is therefore to monitor GMF on a daily basis and, if the changes made are incorrect, to correct them. 2. No automation when adding entries Managing just a few Google listings shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. The situation becomes more BR Lists complicate when there are at least several dozen of them. Google does not always offer the possibility of including the same information in bulk in a large number of business cards , which usually involves the nee to enter it manually.