Here it is also necessary to mention whether the website is user friendly and search engine friendly, whether the users of the website find it easy to navigate, etc. The next step is a strategy to get good and favorable reviews. Reviews are a key factor that makes local SEO more effective. The last thing that has a big impact on the success of local SEO is of course local links. Try to get links from other companies or organizations that are in the same geographic area as you.

Try to write off every accusation

The importance of online reviews and local SEO optimizations No company can shut itself off from reviews anymore. so. 80% of users check reviews about a company before using its services or products. In this regard can not be ignore. Reviews are actually one of the many keys to success, but… this key is golden. Users aren’t looking for companies that get Kenya Email List one or two stars in every review. They are looking for the very best. Alternatively, those with the best ratio price and quality. What can I say – the customer wants the best for himself. For this reason, companies should not beg for more and more reviews. Instead, they nee to understand that getting good reviews comes down to a few simple principles: good service clients Fix user reporte bugs constant contact with users on social networks Unfortunately, all these rules are “a never-ending story.

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What to do about bad reviews

Understand that they are only continuous processes. and reviews? Risk of losing a future customer quite high due to some bad reviews. But its can be BR Lists smoothe out. How?, every bad review. Make it clear that you are looking for new perspectives on solving the problem, that you are listening to all customers. And the most important thing is that you constantly try to improve or change the product to achieve the best results.