It’s like I said it’s great for people who are. Doing SEO all the time, looking at audits, looking at client’s sites, trying to uncover new ways to gain an ege and to learn more about what’s going on. And it’s helpful before you’re getting into a project or when you’re starting a project to know what is going on. This video today was about a little hack, which is this browser extension. Go ahead to detaile/extension. Check it out. Let me know what you think. Let me know some of the other things that you’re using to help you promote yourself and leverage SEO. Until next time, Happy Marketing.6 Ways to Expand the Reach of Your Infographics If you use infographics in your content marketing.

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You know the time and expense involve in creating them. You also understand their value in visual storytelling. To achieve a high ROI on your investment, you must get as many eyes on your infographics as possible. to your website and earn shares Belize Email List on social meia if you follow the tips below to distribute and promote them. be a one and done visual design project. They are great at telling a visual story with your data and fit nicely into blog articles to further illustrate your point.

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Only adding them to blog articles, you’re missing many opportunities to attract potential leads and customers to your website. Read on to learn and repurpose your infographics to achieve your content marketing goals. 6 Ways to Expand the Reach BR Lists of Your Infographics 1. Use embe codes Embe codes allow others to embe your images within their content while linking back to your website. This bit of code can be copie and paste into their source code, embeding your image on their page, and hyperlinking to the source of the image.