Entry counter I bet every developer working in the 1990s has come across public counters. “You are 123456 visitors on my page!”. – who is not familiar with this kind of information? Visitor counters die of natural causes for two reasons. The first is usability. of people who like a fan page on Facebook. Some people believe that the higher the number, the more respect and reverence the fan page gets. Hence the popularity of various not very ethical actions relate to buying likes. The second is the possibility of manipulation. Literally, after a while, such a counter can be “increase” or a script inserte that simply displays false information.

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View counting still exists and works well, only now it is performe with the help of external services (eg Google Analytics) or equivalent Zambia Email List tools in. But these public counters are definitely outdate parts of websites. 8. Splashes Splatter is a kind of “gate”. You’ve probably come across a website more than once that just had text like, “Welcome to my website! Click!” and a button below it. Or you may have seen a page that “splits” traffic into two others, such as a business website and an online store.

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While only placing links on them without any additional content. No more ordinary front pages. Their role has shifte to landing pages – pages that are BR Lists more elaborate, but still focus on a specific action. They don’t greet or invite anyone, click to go. They “persuade” us to complete a certain task. Also remember that content is extremely important right now. A has two links to images and one sentence of text is worthless from an SEO point of view.