On the other hand, if an error occurs, the user should receive a clear message on how to fix the error. 3 Remember that size and position matter. User interface advice could not go without discussion this moment. Pay attention to how the quick quote button is locate on our website. He appears in several places, but is always presente in such a way that he is seen perfectly. Both in size and location. It is customary to make important elements larger than others. The reason is simple: they are easier to see. The designer or website owner wants to draw attention to such elements in this way.

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Element placement is also important. After all, you don’t put important links at the bottom of the page – you want them to be accessible as soon as possible., to key buttons or just text. 4 Encourage action with clear messages. Do you offer a certain Iran Email List range of services? Show it visually so visitors can see exactly what you’re doing as quickly as possible. User misse a field? Be specific about which field they mean and tell them how to fill it out correctly. contact options? List them all, clearly identifying each one. Additionally, make phone numbers touch-enable on mobile devices so they can be diale directly through the dialer.

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Stand out Are you something? Highlight your strengths by clearly showing why you are better than others. It’s all about clarity. If we do BR Lists something online, we want to complete it quickly and without interruption. The same goes for finding information – we want to find it efficiently. 5. Follow the patterns. I already mentione in the first paragraph of this post about some of the standards that we use.